AIR Studios Guitar Recording MasterClass – Nov ’11

Held at AIR Studios (Lyndhurst Hall) on 26-27 November, the guitar recording masterclass will be presented by legendary producer Tony Platt and AIR engineer Rupert Coulson. It will feature performances, demonstrations and Q&A sessions with well-known guitarists, including: Elliott Randall, Phil Manzanera and Leo Abrahams.




In a couple of words: “what an incredible time!”

The attendees were a total delight, filled with curiosity – and armed with great questions! Working with engineers Tony Platt and Rupert Coulson was equally delightful.

Tony and I (we began working together back in the mid-70s) covered a lot of ground – from the varying ways we mic guitar amps, to multi-tracking acoustic guitars, including the “Wall of Sound”, which we recorded live on the day! I also brought a multi-track ProTools session with me, onto which I overdubbed various guitar parts, demonstrating my personal “ensemble approach”. We did microphone comparison – always a hot and even controversial topic, and ended the day with a very lively Q&A session. I will post some pics here as soon as they come in.

There’s never enough time (!!)



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