Pat Benetar – Original “Heartbreaker” Unearthed

It’s always a thrill to hear a piece of my musical history …that I’ve not heard in decades. Ron Dante, one of the seminal record producers of our generation has just sent me the very original recording we made for Pat Benetar – “Heartbreaker” (version one) at Media Sound Studios NYC.

Long story short: After recording some incredible tracks, and “politics being politics”, the project was then handed to another production team, who did their best to emulate our original tracks. (Respectfully, I thought ours were infinitely more exciting).

You can hear it here:

Personnel: Paul Shaffer (keyboards), Elliott Randall (guitars), Allan Schwartzberg (drums), Neil Jason (bass); Harvey Goldberg (engineer).

This version is a bit more gritty and raw. We had an amazing time making this recording.

There was no “final mix” or mastering. Special thanks to Wes Maebe [GHQ Sonic Cuisine] for adding that little extra audio “oomph” for this presentation.

Photo courtesy of Bobby Bank (c) 1978


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