Healin’ Feelin’

What a great pleasure, to discover that some of the music I make does “what it’s supposed to do”.

As many of you will be aware, I had a totally successful series of cancer treatments at the end of last year. I was ever so grateful to the team that attended to me, and gave them gifts of my HeartStrings CD. This album was created as a soothing collection of all-guitar pieces – composed, compiled and sequenced with the express purpose of delivering a relaxing, “chill-out” experience, and released in 2011.

And now, lo and behold, I’ve been informed that HeartStrings is being used by the NHS Trust in the operating theatre – when the patient must remain conscious during surgery. I’ve been told that the music keeps the patients’ moods on even keel, heart rate down, anxiety level at a minimum, and that it helps keep them (the Doctors) focused and at ease too.

Honestly, what better gift could I have, than to know that the original intent of this recording is as successful as I could ever want it to be?

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