12 May : There will be a few new updates coming your way shortly. Please stay tuned!

 ~ “Where does the time go?”
~ “Wazzup? New stuff in the pipes?”
~ “Are we there yet, driver?”

As a matter of fact, there are some very cool new prospects that make the coming year feel very exciting.

Neil Innes and I continue our “God only knows where this is gonna land us” collaboration – fusing new ideas with some of the ethos and smash of our earlier group ventures. New songs, new ideas, and looking ahead to some spring performances.

And I’m in the final days of assembling and mixing a very special record I began in 1980. Graced by a most soulful vocal track, with Paul Griffin on Hammond B3, and a slew of killer musicians …and 2 very special surprise guest vocalists who will make you smile while knocking your socks off. Watch this space!

I am writing a monthly column for Guitarist Magazine, and with free reign on subject matter (and only limited by ‘word count’), it’s a total blast. I’ve not done a regular editorial column since the ’80s, and I must say, sharing my views again with a plethora of pickers is one of the more rewarding things in life.

So far, I’ve discussed a bit of my background, ideas on teaching and learning, and my next two columns are on amplifiers – one wasn’t nearly enough! Let’s see what I come up with for the next issue…



Oh then there’s this lovely :55 second excerpt of the “Welcome to the New Year” – Paul Fleisher and I being somewhat avant garde with a bass clarinet and guitar duet. More fun…




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