The Guitarist Columns

In late 2015, I was asked by Guitarist Magazine to pen a monthly column for their publication. The remit was simply “write about whatever strikes your fancy”. My kind of assignment!

I continue to pen these  (type them, really), and my arrangement with Future Publishing is structured so that copmlete rights revert to me after a six month period. Hence, I am able to share these on my website with you now, for your reading and dancing pleasure.

I’ll be adding more of these monthly. Let’s start at the beginning.


Issue # 402 January 2016 “Opening A Dialogue”

Issue # 403 February 2016 “On Amplifiers”

Issue # 404 March 2016 “On Amplifiers Part 2”

Issue # 405 April 2016 “FX”

Issue # 406 May 2016 “FX Part 2”

More on its way. Stay tuned !!


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