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Virtual Memory

I've been wanting to do this for many years - good friends, diverse styles ...a "trip" from beginning to end. Buy Now


HeartStrings is just me, just guitars—acoustic and electric in various configurations. Buy Now

Randall's Island

We get more email requests for this collector's item than you can shake a Fender Stratocaster at! Buy Now


“Honey Do” – My New Release

In 1979 , I began recording an album that I never released. It contained a few real gems. On a recent trip back to The States, I liberated a couple of 2″ tapes. This is one of the pieces from that album, lovingly brought back to life, and featuring some really…

Ye Olde Download Game

As many of you will be aware, I made the decision a while back to remove my music from download and streaming sites including iTunes, Rhapsody and their ilk. The reason is two-fold:  economic, and artistic as well, since the sound quality delivered by these platforms…


12 May : There will be a few new updates coming your way shortly. Please stay tuned!  ~ “Where does the time go?” ~ “Wazzup? New stuff in the pipes?” ~ “Are we there yet, driver?” As a matter of fact, there are some very cool new prospects that make the coming…


Dear Reader, Below is a “short-list” of the various companies whose products I use and endorse. The manufacturers are responsive and reliable. These are brands I trust. Enjoy the…

The Latest “Couch Video”…

I’m very pleased to present this one – featuring Blue Lou Marini and John Tropea. Two of my best buddies, musical collaborators, and giants in their own right. Have a click, enjoy the short piece of musical magic, and leave a comment if you’re so inclined. Sharing our…

A Tale Of Two Pedal Boards

Well, maybe three. I’m still putting one together “from scratch” – but more about that further down the page. In The Beginning… Roland’s sub-brand “Boss” pretty much had the market sewn up. As a consultant to Roland at the time, I was one of the first to enjoy it….

Healin’ Feelin’

What a great pleasure, to discover that some of the music I make does “what it’s supposed to do”. As many of you will be aware, I had a totally successful series of cancer treatments at the end of last year. I was ever so grateful to the team that attended to me,…

BBC Radio Tees Interview

I was invited to spend an hour with ace BBC DJ John Foster to play some music and chat on his Friday afternoon show. It turned out to be a most delightful time. Check it out… You have 2 listening options. You can immediately stream or download the mp3 of the…

“VIRTUAL MEMORY” ~ My Latest CD Is Available Here

Marking the 50th anniversary of my “life in the music business”, it gives me great pleasure to announce that my latest CD album is now available!   And did I mention it’s downright eclectic? Yes, it is. As you know, I’m enamoured of so many…

Pat Benetar – Original “Heartbreaker” Unearthed

It’s always a thrill to hear a piece of my musical history …that I’ve not heard in decades. Ron Dante, one of the seminal record producers of our generation has just sent me the very original recording we made for Pat Benetar – “Heartbreaker” (version one) at Media…


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