I’m not a ‘Dear diary’ kind of guy. When I write, it’s generally because I have thoughts I’d like to share with a wider public; to make a statement, to open up a topic for discussion, feedback, and … I won’t be telling you what I ate for breakfast – unless it’s pertinent to the wider concept of the essay.

I started blogging back in the early days of the now dysfunctional and virtually defunct MySpace. I saw that portal, an early example of a Web 2.0, as a means to communicate with my musician friends, fans, and strangers with whom I might (hopefully) enjoy becoming more familiar, as well as its being a ‘place’ to garner more ‘grass roots’ support for my own artistic endeavors.

FaceBook has become the dominant social networking portal (for now), and while I very much enjoy several presences there (personal and artist pages), it is not terribly conducive to blogging. I’ve had some very interesting “Discussion Group” threads, but alas, the commenting is totally linear, and as such, it becomes awkward when one wishes to address a comment made three entries before the blank “comment” box. One would need to type something akin to “@participant W – I disagree with…” Hence the move to this medium.

I intend to write about those issues that directly affect me & mine – the state of the music industry, the arts as a voice of the society from which they are birthed, the failing educational systems of the First World, thoughts about ethics and morality, technology, new media and …time will tell what else sparks the gray matter enough to write about.

So, my dear reader, consider this the introduction to what I hope will be a mutually enjoyable experience. Welcome to you.

This is the way I began my blog this past January on BlogSpot. I’ve recently decided to move blogging onto my site instead. So stay tuned …once it all quiets down a bit, I’ll continue typing right here.

Y’all come on back, hear?

2 Responses to Introduction

  1. …. but what * did * you have for breakfast ?

    Hey Elliott, nice new motor! Looks good under the hood too!



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