“VIRTUAL MEMORY” ~ My Latest CD Is Available Here

Marking the 50th anniversary of my “life in the music business”, it gives me great pleasure to announce that my latest CD album is now available!


And did I mention it’s downright eclectic?

Yes, it is. As you know, I’m enamoured of so many different musical styles and moods, and I feel that the time is right to share many of these with you in one contiguous record. Here we celebrate approaches from many areas of the musical spectrum; we give a “tip of the hat” to such seminal artists as Miles Davis, Jimi, Sly & The Family Stone, Otis Spann & Robert Lockwood Jr., and a few more surprises. This is one record I’m really proud of.

Of course this album is  also available through your conventional download outlets – iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and Amazon MP3. HOWEVER, nothing beats the sound quality of the CD; in fact, nothing comes even close! (And you can choose to “rip” the CD files into your personal player of choice as a WAV or AIF, thereby retaining all the sonic integrity of the original full flavored recording. It’s choosing between a tin of frozen orange juice, or “fresh squeezed” – you tell me!) Also, a purchase of the CD is a better way to support the artist’s endeavours.


Personnel on this record include: Mick Abrahams, Jamie Oldaker, Paul Shaffer, Sam Rivers, Paul Griffin, Paul Fleisher, Allen Herman, Mo Foster, Steve Donnelly, Tommy Emmerton, Andy Treacy, Martin Shaw, Pete Murray, Wayne Brown, “Level” Neville Malcolm, Al Chez, Hugh Wilkinson and more. Recorded @ ELZ Studios (N.Y. & London), British Grove Studios, The Bunker and Quad N.Y.

A big “Thanks” to all.



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