The Autumn 2015 Update

* * Updated 17 December * *

Dear friends …as good a time as any to bring you up to date with my latest shenanigans

Live : Finished with our magical Bonzos & Rutles December tour. Was it fun? It was a total gas! And still riding high.

And a little while back I performed at the most magical Llŷn Acoustic Guitar Festival in North Wales. in the excellent company of Gordon Giltrap, John Etheridge and Raymond Burley – three of the finest guitarists I have the privilege of calling friends. We did some real “seat-of-the-pants” playing (!!!), presented masterclasses and shared a seriously good time.

Recording : Neil Innes and I continue work on numerous new projects (simultaneously). This is a thrill for me, as I so admire Neil’s musical and world views. Coupled with a laugh every minute, it’s quite the um… task.

Also working on exciting new tracks for old colleague Kevin Godley. It’s for an interactive music project that will be available for iOS devices within the month. This man is serious! Watch this space for updates.

Other studio endeavours include the completion of my own single – the one I started with John Belushi in 1980 (it’s almost done), and having recently finished projects for Don Breithaupt, tunesmith Rob Hegel (produced by my ol’ comrade-in-arms Robby Kreiger), Tali “Icepack” Jackson, T Graham BrownJoe McGlohon, and the projects keep arriving …mostly via my ftp server. How the times change…

Guitarist Magazine : I’ve been asked to pen a column for my fave UK guitar publication. There are so many topics I could write about (the editor-in-chief said I have a blank canvass)… But I’d like to hear what you would like to read about, so feel free to drop me a line via the “Contact” link at the top of this page. Update: First piece is now live, and in the midst of penning the next. Lovin’ it.

Social Media : We all know how time can can just slip away in that wondrous cyber/virtual-world. I’ve made the decision to cut back dramatically on my online-interactive presence. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, so now just the odd Facebook or Twitter post. Daniel Levitin’s latest book “The Organized Mind” has been quite helpful in defeating the “Jones”. Needs must, and the music is calling!

iTunes and streaming / download sites : After Apple’s attempted daylight robbery of their artistes, I withdrew my entire catalogue from iTunes. (The one album that remains on their site is legally questionable and will be dealt with in short order. I’ve yet to receive a penny from these thieving bastards.) The only download site that I endorse is BandCamp – the sound quality of their downloads is considerably better than the rest, and their deal with artists is much more equitable. I have decided to let my offerings on the other sites expire (as per my contracts with them), so if you must download, please use this link. The CDs still sound best, and can be “ripped” into the player of your choice at full frequency. That makes your ears smile.

That’s it for now. Sending London Luvs, and hoping this finds you groovin’.




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